Why won’t Team Romney go away? The failed Republican presidential candidate, together with his lead campaign strategist Stuart Stevens, appear determined to re-enter the political conversation at a time when Republicans are trying to move past their failed 2012 campaign.

Over the weekend, Stevens explained that he didn’t think the media was “in the tank” for Obama and today he defended the Romney campaign’s legendary and badly failed technology strategy in the Washington Post, while prescribing ideas for the party moving forward

Romney upset many conservatives shortly after the election by blaming his loss on President Obama’s ‘gifts’ and free stuff for the citizenry – confirming the mentality behind his damaging “47 percent” comments.

Last week, CPAC organizers announced that Romney had accepted an invitation to join the conference as a 2013 speaker. Today, it was announced, that Romney plans to join Fox News Sunday for an interview that will likely feature comments reflecting on his loss.

Romney’s attention-grabbing moments complicate Republican efforts to move on. Today’s rising conservative stars, are trying to get the media and the general public to forget the Romney campaign. They openly criticizing his 47 percent comments and his talk of “self-deportation” by illegal immigrants.

In 2009, the speakers at CPAC focused on McCain’s campaign as being part of the problem, not the solution. Romney in particular alluded to McCain’s failed campaign reminding attendees: “We haven’t come to CPAC to dwell on battles we’ve lost. We are here to get ready for the battles we’re going to win.”

Perhaps conservatives would like Romney to take his own advice by fading back into obscurity.