WikiLeaks published 1,190 emails Tuesday purportedly obtained from the inbox of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman.

The leak marked the third batch of emails published by the site since Friday, when it posted the first 2,050 emails from a trove it claims is as large as 50,000. The site has published more than 5,000 Podesta emails so far.

Excerpts from Clinton's paid speeches to special interest groups have been exposed by WikiLeaks, as well as internal tensions between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band, one of her father's closest former aides.

Clinton has chosen to attack the alleged source of the hacks, pointing to Russian-backed groups as the likely culprit.

Confronted with questions about the contents of Podesta's emails during the second presidential debate Sunday, Clinton argued the hacks were further evidence that Russia would prefer her opponent win the election.