WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tweeted at President Trump, noting that "some form" of net neutrality is important to have as the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission is poised to roll back the Obama-era Internet regulations in a vote next month.

At risk, the notorious secrets-leaker explained, is Trump's ability to effectively communicate with the world via tweets.

"Dear @realDonaldTrump: 'net neutrality' of some form is important," Assange tweeted Tuesday. "Your opponents control most internet companies. Without neutrality they can make your tweets load slowly, CNN load fast and infest everyone's phones with their ads. Careful."

The net neutrality regulations prevent ISPs from charging more for certain services, like Netflix for example, and blocks them from slowing down or speeding up content, which consumer advocates warn could be used by these ISPs to give their own content preferential treatment. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai argues that repealing net neutrality will be good for business innovation.

Trump often clashes with CNN, and other media outlets he deems as "fake news." The Trump administration is currently suing one of the largest Internet service providers, AT&T, to in an effort to prevent its purchase of Time Warner, which owns CNN.

Trump's use of Twitter has become a controversial sticking point in American politics, as critics lament his often-inflammatory tweets, some of which are directed at foreign leaders like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Some watchdog groups have also sued Trump over how he sometimes deletes tweets, which they say is breaking federal law by destroying federal records.

WikiLeaks is a secrets-leaking website which has published stolen emails from Democratic officials during the 2016 campaign and information on CIA hacking tools, among other things. Agencies in the U.S. intelligence community concluded with high confidence in January that WikiLeaks was a front for Russian intelligence operation.