A new Politico poll suggests that Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign may be over before it's officially announced because she is the political equivalent of being famous for being famous.

The problem is the lack of substance in the former first lady's tenure in public office, most recently as President Obama's secretary of state.

This is not a new problem for Clinton, however, as similar concerns about her tenure as New York's junior senator framed her unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign.

Big empty at Foggy Bottom

Politico asked its survey respondents about Clinton's four years at State. A mere 14 percent of respondents rated her performance as "excellent" and only 28 percent as "good."

By contrast, 21 percent rated Clinton's performance as "fair" and 32 percent as "poor." In other words, more than twice as many view her performance as poor than view it as excellent.

An even bigger problem is how independents rate Clinton's time as America's top diplomat: "60 percent viewed her performance as 'fair' or 'poor,' compared with just 33 percent who answered 'excellent' or 'good.'"

Politico notes this morning that a February 2013 Quinnipiac Poll produced results that were almost exactly the opposite. The difference is likely due to the continued debate about what happened at Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012.

Still the Empty Pantsuit?

A Nov. 21, 2007, post on Daily Kos captured the prevailing criticism of Clinton's Senate tenure, calling her the "Empty Pantsuit" because of her failure to gain passage of significant legislation:

"Hillary Clinton's leadership over her seven years in the Senate has been marginal, and her effectiveness over her Senate terms has been extremely poor.

"In fact, she has a remarkably poor track record at turning her sponsored legislation into law, to the extent that she's an outlier among her Democratic colleagues.

"Of 337 bills that Hillary has introduced, only 2 have become law. These numbers are always lower than you'd think — it isn't easy to get a bill passed — but Hillary's batting average is especially poor."

Famous for being famous?

In other words, Hillary Clinton is famous primary for being ... Hillary Clinton. She was first lady because of her husband.

She was elected to the Senate because she faced a relatively weak GOP opponent and benefitted from a protective press.

And making her secretary of state was Obama's way of keeping her under control during his first term, thus blocking any thoughts of a 2012 primary challenge.

Don't be surprised if the Politico poll emboldens more Democrats to start talking about making a 2016 run for the White House.

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