There came a point during the Watergate scandal when it became obvious that President Richard Nixon could no longer continue in office.

But nobody on the embattled White House staff had the guts to tell the man who had obsessed about his enemies for so long that they had finally defeated him for all time.

Nobody ever accused Sen. Barry Goldwater of being afraid to do the right thing, however, so it was the Arizonan — accompanied by two other senior GOPers — who went to Nixon for a frank talk. Nixon resigned the next day.

Who will talk to Reid?

Today, the obsessive national political leader is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The U.S. economy is still nearly comatose, Russia is bullying its neighbors again, and Obamacare is wrecking the world's finest health care system.

But Reid wants to talk about the Koch brothers ... and talk and talk and talk. The libertarian duo are stealing democracy, kicking old folks, starving kids and the sick to the curb, and, let's not forget, causing global warming, too.

Hardly a day goes by that Reid doesn't drone on and on about the Kochs on the Senate floor. When he's not doing that, he's hosting a Koch mockumentary showing with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Shut up! he said

And just this week, Reid introduced a constitutional amendment that guarantees freedom of speech to everybody whose last name doesn't rhyme with "Coke."

Reid has thus hitched his particular obsession to the same repressive urges driving those campus speech police who bludgeon into silence people with whom they disagree.

The difference is, Reid is one of America's most powerful public figures and thus is in a position to shut down speech for millions, not just a few thousand college kids at graduation. Plus, he's surely embarrassing a lot of Democrats who know better.

Time to go home, Harry

That's why sooner or later some respected Democrat donor that Reid will listen to has got to go have that frank talk with the man from Searchlight, Nevada.

"Harry, you gotta stop talking about the Kochs, buddy. We've all heard it a million times already! I mean, geez man, you're starting to sound like the cranky old b-----d who keeps yelling at kids to get off his grass," is one way that Democrat might put it.

Nixon got the message, but Democrats can't be blamed for fearing Reid's response is likely to be something like this: "So how much did the Koch Brothers pay you to come say that to me?"

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