Don't think that Virginia's venerable College of William & Mary, the nation's second oldest, isn't keeping up with the times.

The Williamsburg school where Thomas Jefferson once studied is stepping into the latest sexual debate with a town hall style "eat and greet" to educate students on "hook-ups and their implications for students in and out-of relationships."

Leading the debate for the first of a series of "Sex on the Sixth" events this week, will be the school's "board-certified sexologist." At the town hall, participants will be encouraged to "chat with others about what hook-ups mean to us and for us."

Casual sex known as hooking-up has recently become the focus of researchers who found that students are still more likely to have sex with a romantic partner than a new pal. Over a year, Syracuse University researchers found, 40 percent said they had sex with a casual partner, while 56 percent paired with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The provocative invitation to students, faculty and staff to the town hall opens this way: "What's a four-letter word for 'intercourse' that ends with the letter, K? TALK."

The town hall at William & Mary 150-miles from the District provides an interesting sexual bookend to the approach taken at one of Virginia's newest schools, Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, 50 miles from Washington. The conservative college doesn't allow women to wear mini-skirts or men to wear shorts.

h/t Jeryl Bier/Speak with Authority blog.