Gov. Scott Walker signed two bills Thursday morning restricting government funds for Planned Parenthood, making Wisconsin the latest state to go after the women's health and abortion provider.

Under the new laws, Planned Parenthood can bill Medicaid only for the acquisition cost of a drug plus a dispensing fee and can no longer receive any federal Title 10 money because it provides abortions. The group estimates that new measures will cost its Winsconsin clinics $7.5 million a year. Planned Parenthood operates 22 clinics in Wisconsin, three of which provide abortions, according to its website.

Walker signed the bills at Life's Connection, a Waukesha clinic that offers alternatives to abortion. He said they move federal funding toward "less controversial providers."

"Today, we signed two bills into law that prioritize women's health while improving government and its services to the citizens of Wisconsin," Walker said.

At least nine other states have taken steps to strip public funding from the group, which provides a variety of women's healthcare services but also performs more abortions than any other health provider in the U.S.

The state defunding efforts were prompted by a series of undercover videos from abortion opponent David Daleiden, who interviewed Planned Parenthood officials about their participation in collecting and supplying aborted fetal tissue for medical research purposes.

Wisconsin has previously made other funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, which the group says forced it to close five rural clinics that provided contraceptive services but not abortions.