Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker offered a different view of President Trump's tweeting habits on Friday, capping a week in which the president received widespread criticism for a pair of tweets criticizing two MSNBC journalists.

"Unlike others, I'd tell him to tweet more, to be on Facebook more, to get the message out more, but to be focused," Walker told Fox News host Julie Banderas on "America's News HQ" Friday afternoon.

Walker, a Republican who ran against Trump in the GOP primary, complimented the president for being "unfiltered," but said he should approach social media with a purpose.

"I think it's great he has all this great contact with all these great Americans unfiltered from many of the media sources out there," Walker said. "But focus. Focus on why Obamacare has to be replaced, focus on what the better alternative is, focus on the need for tax reform, focus on why your administration is doing good things. Talk about those things. Tweet more. I am fine with that. But don't get lost in the weeds on other issues."

Trump was widely criticized Thursday for a pair of tweets he wrote in which he criticized a female MSNBC anchor, Mika Brzezinski, for her looks and said she underwent plastic surgery. He also chided her colleague, "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough.