The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel updates us on the status of Gov. Scott Walker’s  controversial changes to state public sector union rules:

Unions for city of Milwaukee workers and Madison teachers asked a Dane County Judge Tuesday to block Gov. Scott Walker and his appointees from enforcing his labor law.

The move seeks to prevent the Walker administration from continuing to implement statewide the Republican governor’s 2011 measure all but eliminating collective bargaining for most public employees.

In September, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colás ruled in favor of Madison Teachers Inc. and Public Employees Local 61, which represents City of Milwaukee workers, striking down portions of Walker’s law for violating the union members’ constitutional rights. Last month, the state Court of Appeals kept that ruling in place - at least for now.

The case is still in the early stages of the appeal, and the three appeals court judges or eventually the state Supreme Court could later restore the law known as Act 10.

In the wake of the Colás ruling, there’s been a debate about whether his decision applies to all public unions statewide or only those involved in the case. That question has been at the heart of other big disputes, including whether the Milwaukee County Board was negotiating with county unions over a labor contract recently and whether that was proper.

The two unions in the Act 10 case Tuesday asked Colás to block Walker and his appointees on the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission from enforcing the law.

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