After the exit of Steve Bannon from the White House, a few casual observers from the mainstream press concluded that conservatives are now cut off from the Oval Office. The New York Times breathlessly reported that, "Conservatives groused that they lost a key advocate inside the White House and worried aloud that Mr. Trump would shift left."

While Bannon was a conservative influence and key contact inside the world's most powerful office building, he wasn't the only one — not by a long shot.

Here is reality: In all my 20-plus years of political experience, this is by far the most conservative administration with which Concerned Women for America has worked. Far from what is given front-page attention, President Trump has selected solid conservatives for his Cabinet and advisers. Here are just a few, in no particular order.

Of course, the most obvious conservative stalwart is the president's second-in-command, Vice President Mike Pence, a man who some dozens and dozens of pro-family and pro-life groups have worked with for years from his time as a member of Congress to governor of Indiana. He was attempting to defund Planned Parenthood before it was the hot-button issue of today's political reality. He has consistently fought for religious liberty and freedom and the rights of the most vulnerable throughout his storied career.

He has been a loyal supporter of Trump and his agenda, selflessly lending his credibility and relationships on the Hill to fighting for the conservative agenda.

Right down the hall is Kellyanne Conway, who has known Pence for years and worked closely with him as a pollster and political consultant. I've personally known Kellyanne for many years, as both a friend and business associate. We are both working mothers who have had to juggle saving the world with the demands of children and family.

Kellyanne is a woman who has never wavered in her beliefs, no matter for whom she has worked, and, after breaking the glass ceiling and becoming the first woman to successfully head up a winning presidential campaign, she's been a source of wise counsel to Trump.

Of course, we have all been blown away by Sarah Huckabee Sander's charm and composure before a hostile press.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are all known conservatives with a track record of pro-life, pro-family policies they supported or spearheaded.

Charmaine Yoest is another conservative powerhouse at HHS. She is the Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs and also happens to be the former president of Americans United for Life. A mother of five, Charmaine has been a dear friend and fellow rebel-rouser. Whip smart and dedicated to the pro-life cause, Charmaine is hated by the abortion industry: "Ms. Yoest has a long record of seeking to undermine women's access to health care and safe, legal abortion," said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., when Charmaine was appointed to her current post.

That's a win.

Mick Mulvaney, Trump's budget director, founded the Freedom Caucus, home to the House's most conservative group of legislators. Paul Teller, Sen. Ted Cruz's former Chief of Staff, works with dozens of conservative organizations as a White House liaison. Stephen Miller is the president's senior policy adviser who had previously worked for then-Sen. Jeff Sessions and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

It doesn't really get any more conservative than that.

These are all individuals who leaders of conservative organizations know and appreciate and who the Left love to hate. There are literally dozens more names to add to the list, all staunch conservatives who made the Left practically weep when they were named to their offices. There are dozens of faithful, good people in the Trump administration working to restore and protect conservative values. For fear of retribution and lack of space, I won't name them all.

The old saying is that "people are policy," and that is true. Conservatives in Washington have worked closely with Trump's appointees for months behind-the-scenes to craft policies that will protect families, uphold the basic rights to life and liberty, and bring our courts back from the liberal abyss. You haven't seen them all come to fruition yet, but when you do, remember these names.

No one person alone, not even the president, makes a country great. This is a very difficult time to be the leader of the free world, to work for a nation that is truly divided, and where partisans on both sides have refused to work together.

As a conservative, wife, mother, and American, I want to see my country thrive, for families to have security, and for every life to be protected. I am hopeful that this is the administration, with these talented individuals who have stepped up to serve their country, that will bring our nation back together and heal the divisions that have for too long penetrated the country's moral fabric.

Penny Nance (@PYNance) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential Blog. She is president and CEO of Concerned Women for America.

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