On “The Daily Show,” Wednesday night, guest host John Oliver ridiculed former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., after news broke of his second sexting scandal, which took place as recently as summer of 2012.

“He did it again? Why did he even need to do that? Who did he think had possibly not seen his photo from last time?” asked astonished Oliver, referring to the scandal as “Deja Eww.”

Oliver was considerably more critical of Weiner than host Jon Stewart was during the first scandal.

Stewart, a college friend of the former New York Congressman, handled the first scandal gingerly – although the show had a history of embarrassing politicians.

“As a comedian this is a slam dunk, but as a friend, I really hope this story is not true. I really do. I would feel terrible if its true.” Stewart said at the time, adding that he doubted the veracity of the story. The New York Times revealed that Stewart also privately comforted Weiner during the aftermath of the scandal.

During the first scandal, Oliver briefly “took over” the show, because of Jon Stewart’s failure to capitalize on Weiner’s failure.

Stewart is currently taking three-month break from the show to direct a movie, leaving Oliver in charge of the jokes.

This time, Oliver devoted two entire segments of the show on the scandal, mercilessly ridiculing the former Congressman for returning to his lurid behavior using the online alias “Carlos Danger.”