The Wizards weren’t thrilled enough with either of the pair of point guards they auditioned on Sunday – Ben Uzoh and Blake Ahearn – to make either an immediate replacement for A.J. Price, who will miss the next 4-6 weeks with a broken right hand.

But Washington coach Randy Wittman still hinted that roster moves might be on the horizon.

“We’re looking at different scenarios,” Wittman said after practice on Monday. “We brought a couple guys in yesterday, looked at them, and we still, we haven’t done anything. We don’t know when or if we will do anything, but we’re looking, looking at different scenarios, different options, different people. We’re not going to make a snap, quick judgment. There’s not a guy out there right now that warrants that. So we’re going to take our time and look at some different guys and see what best fits us moving forward.”

It’s an acknowledgement of two things. First, for the time being the Wizards are willing to let Jordan Crawford and Shaun Livingston handle running the show. Crawford is in the middle of his best stretch of the season, averaging 18.8 points over the last six games with 23 assists over the last four. He led Washington in points, rebounds and assists in Saturday’s 101-97 loss to Golden State, playing heavy minutes at the point once Price went down in the first quarter.

“We’re going to give that some time and see,” Wittman said. “I’ve got all the confidence in the world that Shaun and JC can move forward in this and can carry us in the right manner. I do have that confidence, that’s why we’re not snapping to a quick decision here of bring somebody else in. We might want to look to bring another position in, if we’re going to bring a guy in, if we feel that these two guys can actually hold it down. That’s going to be an evaluation as we move forward and play games here, to see how they do.”

Two, Wittman basically let it be known that he’s aware Washington’s problems run deeper than point guard. This is the time of the year when teams around the NBA start probing to see what they can get to improve their situation. The Wizards, even when healthy, are in need of more efficient scoring on the wing.

Wittman also said John Wall’s status has no bearing on what happens next. Did he inadvertently reveal anything more specific about Wall’s timetable? Your guess is as good as mine.

“We’re going to try to do what’s right, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be at that position either so we’re going to look at a lot of different things,” Wittman said. “John’s bearing doesn’t play with that because he’s still, John’s still weeks from — he’s got to get on the floor and practice. If we were really strapped, we’d bring somebody in. We’ll see, we’re going to evaluate moving forward here with JC and Shaun.”