Former President Barack Obama was treated to some Christmas cheer when a women's advocacy group welcomed him back to his native Hawaii with a few carols outside his holiday villa.

"We got our group together on Saturday and went with our pussy hats and Santa hats and proceeded to Christmas carol in front of the estate,” Windward ReSisters member Darlene Mandel told People, referring to the Paul Mitchell retreat in Lanikai, Oahu.

“We sounded terrible,” Mandel quipped.

After about 10 minutes, the former president ventured outside to greet them, shaking hands with several of the carolers, even hugging one woman, Mandel said.

“He was joking because my girlfriend spilled champagne on him," she said. "It was short and sweet, and made our Christmas.”

Mandel captured the encounter on camera, posting a video on a private Pantsuit Nation Facebook page, according to People.

In the footage, Obama can reportedly be heard singing along to their rendition of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

"No wonder you’re singing so happy; I didn’t realize there was champagne to go with it!” he said, per the magazine.

“I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas,” he added.