President Obama signed a proclamation Monday declaring August 26 to be “Women’s Equality Day.” A nice gesture, but Obama, in addition to patting himself on the back for signing meaningless or detrimental laws designed to appear to help women, continued his “war on facts” when it comes to so-called pay inequality.

“On average, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men,” Obama said. How many times must he be proven wrong to stop claiming this?

Claiming that women only make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes is the widest possible gap to be found, and doesn’t take into account any relevant factors like the hours or occupations women choose that men don’t or time off they take for families. When all factors are accounted for, the gap is much tighter. The 6.6 cent difference that remains cannot be definitively tied to discrimination.

And let’s not forget the fact that women in Obama’s White House on average earn less than men. While women across America make 93.4 cents to the dollar that men make (100 – the 6.6 cent figure above), women in Obama’s White House make just 89 cents to the dollar. Also don’t forget that congressional Democrats pay women less than men as well.

Obama also touted the Violence Against Women Act, a bill named as a way to paint opponents as anti-women, even though the bill itself doesn’t do anything to reduce domestic abuse that wasn’t already being done on a state level. Also, the most recent reauthorization (why does the bill even have to be reauthorized if it’s the only thing keeping women from being abused?) includes homosexual men and male prisoners, so it shouldn’t even be called the Violence Against Women Act anymore. Oh, and it also takes away the rights of some to face a jury of their peers.

Noticeably absent from Obama’s proclamation? Any mention of the word “abortion” (sorry, “choice,” which also wasn’t mentioned). The closest Obama came to mentioning it was by saying he has “prohibited gender discrimination in America’s healthcare system.” Whatever that means.

Something else missing – and something even more important – is the equality of women in countries that are not America. Again, the closest Obama came to mentioning the abuses suffered by women in other countries was to say “we will broaden our efforts to empower women and girls around the world.” But he was talking about science and math jobs so it doesn’t really count.

Obama, and the American people, would do right by women to focus on areas of actual abuse, instead of the supposed first world problems of political correctness.