Journalist Bob Woodward has a record of skepticism towards President Obama, particularity after interviewing him for his book on the Obama White House, ‘The Price of Politics.’

In December 2012, Woodward suggested during an interview with Politico’s Mike Allen that although Obama is a president with more power than Bush, there are still “elements of mystery or uncertainty” behind his personality.

“I think that Obama is a little bit of more of an uncertain figure, and quite frankly I think that when he writes his own auto-biography about his time as president, and there is more excavation of all of this we’re going to discover that he’s working it out as he plays the game,” Woodward said. “Somebody with a little more experience under their belt may not be doing that.”

Allen followed up by asking if Woodward was “underwhelmed” by the Obama presidency.

“I wouldn’t say disappointed,” Woodward said immediately. “It goes to the question of what’s our job in the news media and our job is not to be cheerleaders.”

Woodward cited the increasing “concentration of power” of the presidency but noted that journalists know less and less about what happens behind the scenes.

“It is in part our fault,” Woodward admitted to Allen, “I think the message managers at the White House get better and better and more skillful.”

Allen asked what Woodward would do if the Obama White House completely shut him off from access.

“I’d probably do another book like John Belushi or something like that,” Woodward deadpanned.