Promoting his new book The Price of Politics on MSNBC today, Bob Woodward told Morning Joe why Obama has failed to tackle our nation’s debt crisis:

What happened is politics and that is why the book is called The Price of Politics. The calculation in the White House is that the politics are on their side in the short run. You ran the clip where the president said, “We’ve get to get the people at the top end to pay their fair share.” Quite frankly I think he’s exactly right. But there is not enough money in the top end to even begin to solve the problem we are talking about here. You need, and this is where, all the problems everyone including myself has with Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan is on the right track when he says we’ve got to solve the problem. And the problem is we have this entitlement spending (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) in the next ten years, by conservative estimates, is gonna double. We can’t borrow that much money.

If you believe President Obama does not deserve a second term, and you want to convince a swing voter you’re right, buy them Woodward’s new book. As detailed in this column, it is a devastating critique of Obama’s failed presidency.

One item Woodward doesn’t mention above, and is left out of the column above, is Obama’s disgraceful speech on the debt where he accused Ryan of telling “children with autism or Down’s syndrome” to “fend for themselves.” After the speech, the co-chair of Obama’s own deficit commission, Erskine Bowles, ran up to Ryan and said, “I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe he did that.”

But Obama did. And that is just part of the reason that there will be no solution to our nation’s debt crisis as long as Obama is president.