Two Indianapolis residents have filed claims with the National Labor Relations Board, stating that despite Indiana’s right-to-work law, they are still having union dues deducted from their paychecks against their wishes. Right-to-work laws ban such practices. Indiana adopted one last year, but the cases charge that the unions there are deliberately dragging their feet in responding to the workers’ wishes.

Julie Huffman, a Kroger grocery store worker, claims that United Food and Commercial Workers Local 700 continues to take dues out of her her paycheck more than a year after she resigned. She claims that despite refiling her resignation this year, they continue to do so.

Joshua Sterrett, an AT&T Mobility employee, claims he resigned from Communications Workers of America Local 4900 in January only to discover that deductions were continuing the following month.

In both cases, the unions claim the workers made technical violations of the dues removal procedures by submitting them at the wrong time. Both Huffman and Sterrett deny that.

Both workers are receiving legal assistance from the National Right to Work Defense Fund.

“Despite Indiana’s popular new Right-to-Work law, union officials are illegally extracting union dues and fees from workers by any means possible,” said Patrick Semmens, vice president of the National Right to Work Foundation. “These illegal actions must stop.”

Spokesmen for UFCW Local 700 and CWA Local 4900 could not be reached for comment.