Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's prolonged health scare has supporters worried that it could undermine her potential 2016 presidential run as voters look to a younger, healthier standard bearer.

One longtime Clinton associate said there are concerns that her hospitalization for a blood clot beside her brain may be the last thing voters recall of her before she retires from State.

As a result, there is a push to make sure she checks out of New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center with a very public clean bill of health. Her doctors expect her to be cleared. Earlier this week they found the clot in a vein in space between her brain and skull behind the right ear.

Pollster John Zogby told Secrets that barring another health scare, Clinton should still be the Democratic favorite.

"If we were talking about the rest of us mere mortals, the blood clot issue could be a game-changer for Hillary. She will be 69 in 2016, the same age as Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reagan appeared healthy and robust, but we knew later about health problems that raised some serious concerns," he said. "But Hillary will probably get a clean bill of health from all this and then go on to be Hillary: focused, a winner, someone who will accomplish whatever she chooses. A race for the presidency will be on her terms alone."

With the lone exception of Vice President Joe Biden, all the other potential Democratic presidential candidates looking at a 2016 race are younger than Clinton.

Hillary advocates report that the former first lady has made no decision to run--or not. They said that she plans to take the next two years to decide.