PULLMAN, Wash. (AP) — Washington State University is known for its Cougar cheese and Ferdinand's ice cream. Now, it's adding beef to the menu.

The university is selling its own beef brand, WSU Premium Beef, which is harvested from local cattle that were raised by staff and animal science students.

The Angus choice beef runs roughly $5 a pound. Tom Cummings of WSU's cattle operations says that price is comparable to what you'd pay in a high-end restaurant. The Wagyu (WAG-yoo) beef runs about $9 a pound. Wagyu beef originated in Japan and is known for being extremely tender.

WSU Premium Beef is available to the public in whole, half and quarter sizes and in boxed cuts.


To order, contact Tom Cummings, WSU Cattle Operations, at 509-335-2280 or tmcummings(at)wsu.edu.