The rumblings were there even before spring training started. The Yankees are old, Alex Rodriguez is hurt and for the first time in years they lost more than they gained in the free agent market. It seemed possible that someone other than Boston in the American League East -- maybe Tampa Bay or suddenly aggressive Toronto -- would knock New York from its perch. But now you have to wonder whether the Yankees even will have a winning season.

Too extreme? Maybe. But the news this week that first baseman Mark Teixeira will miss eight to 10 weeks with a strained tendon in his right wrist isn't a good sign. That's on top of the broken arm suffered by left fielder Curtis Granderson earlier in camp. He is likely out until mid-May as well. Injuries to the two players New York figured it could count on might make this its first losing season since 1992.

The old Yankees could shake off those setbacks. Now? There are questions all over the diamond and -- for the first time in a long while -- no real answers.

- Brian McNally