It seems they might be doomed to do this forever.

Eight months have passed since the 2016 presidential election concluded, but a new battle is brewing between Don and Hilary — at least among forecasters.

Tropical Storm Don is moving up and around the northern shore of South America, while a tropical depression in the Pacific Ocean develops. That storm is expected to be named Hilary sometime on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.

The chance that two storms would form and each receive names that were pre-designated years earlier is a big coincidence.

Contrary to popular belief, the National Hurricane Center does not name each storm. A list of one to two dozen names are used for storms in the Atlantic, Eastern North Pacific, Central North Pacific and Other Basins. The list of names is reused every six years. For example, in 2011, Hurricane Hilary ripped through the Pacific and was deemed a cyclone.

Each of these storms had a less than one-in-20 chance of being selected at the beginning of the season, though a handful have already been used.

Don has been deemed a minimal tropical storm and comes a month ahead of the standard start for the hurricane season. It appears to be already petering out.

Hilary is not actually a tropical storm yet, instead a tropical depression, but it's expected that it'll be officially designated as a tropical storm later on Tuesday.

Americans will watch to see which storm takes the trophy for the strongest storm.