Our President is battling in court against nuns who don't want to pay for birth control -- and the President's supporters in the media are calling the nuns theocrats for fighting back.

The Little Sisters of the Poor don't count as religious enough to be exempt from President Obama's mandate that all employers cover birth control or order their health insurer to cover birth control.

Liberal New York Times columnist -- who used to be the "straight news" reporter for the Times -- Linda Greenhouse basically charges the nuns with being part of a theocratic plot. "This is a deadly serious and sophisticated campaign, a claim by religion for primacy in the public square.

Greenhouse's attack on the nuns is as factually faulty as it is bizarre, as Ramesh Ponnuru made clear. But much of the defense of the contraception mandate has been factually faulty (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibits E-F). But it's not easy defending a law that requires Catholic nuns to pay for or otherwise provide birth control.