Every year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission coordinates and promulgates recalled toys deemed unsafe for children. Here are some of the toys that were recalled and banned from resale in 2013.

1. Buckyballs

Sadly, these addictive toys were pulled from the shelves, although the company pushed back against the federal government's attempt to ban them.

The toy, marketed to adults, was banned because kids were eating the magnets.

Conservatives like Michelle Malkin championed the company's cause, but eventually the company had to fold.

2. 'Chicken Dance' Easter Chicks

These adorable little chickens were banned by the federal government for being too loud. Perhaps parents were more than happy to comply with this one.

3. Light-up Frogs and Ducks

These glowing ducks are actually hiding secret chokeable metal conductor pins beneath their harmless-looking exteriors.

4. Build-a-Bear Sully Sullivan


So you think that Pixar's Sully Sullivan is actually friendly with kids? His secret power is his detachable eyes, which can choke kids if they try to eat them.

5. Expandable beads

If you have small round candy-looking items that expand when wet, it's a pretty bad deal when a kid eats them.

Especially when they are "Monster Science Growing Spiders."


6. The Journey Girl Travel Trunks


That flimsy metal handle is supposedly sharp, presenting a "laceration hazard."

7. Infinitoy Softimals Toy Sets

How can something so soft be so dangerous? Apparently the farmer's hat is secretly soft enough for kids to choke on.

8. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machines

How can a sno-cone be dangerous? Snoopy's sno-cones might include a brass rivet from the ice-shaving cylinder, leading to a cruel crunch.

9. Baby rattle

If your baby is trying to lose his baby fat, this plastic shake-weight is actually full of small choking hazards if the end cap comes off. Tough luck, baby.

10. Ride-On Wagon

Kids can fall out of this deluxe suburban-sized wagon (with eating trays) thanks to the detachable seat back.

11. 'Tween' Disco Lights

Panic at the disco if the power cord overheats and starts a fire.

12. Hello Kitty and Monster High Motor Scooters

Apparently these scooters have quite a zip on them, causing your Hello Kitty or Monster High fan to take a tumble.