A young female Philadelphia Eagles fan had some harsh words for embattled Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, captured in a video released Friday.

"OK Cam, pay attention because I'm only going to say this once," the youngster said in the clip posted to The Mighty Erock's social media accounts.

The girl then broke down the basics of an NFL route tree, or the path receivers can take to open themselves up for a forward pass, complete with diagrams.

"Cam, if you don't get any of these, the Eagles are going to show you on Thursday night football," she said ahead of their regular season game on Oct. 12.

Newton apologized Thursday for saying it was "funny to hear a female talk about routes" after Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked him a question about Panthers receiver Devin Funchess at a press conference Wednesday.

In the fallout over the comment, Newton lost a sponsorship deal with Dannon after appearing in advertisements for their Oikos Greek yogurt.

"You know, I think real boys fall on the football," the girl quipped, referring to a late-game fumble during Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos last year in which Newton seemed to back away from the ball.

"Cam, why do you wear the same clothes as my grandma? That's weird," she added.

The Mighty Erock hosts a weekly Eagles podcast called "4th and Jawn."