“Giving a voice to the vulnerable, protecting those who can’t protect themselves, and showing our support for life.” These are the reasons Allie Young, a sophomore at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and thousands of other high school and college students gathered at the National Mall for the 45th annual March for Life on Friday.

The rally featured several pro-life speakers including President Trump who spoke via satellite from the White House saying, “Because of you, tens of thousands of Americans have been born and reached their full, God-given potential.”

President Trump stressed the fact that under his administration, he would fight to protect the First Amendment rights of all humans, regardless of age.

Students and adults carried signs with slogans saying, “I am the pro-life generation,” because they understand that pro-life issues affect all aspects of our society. Liz Marce, a sophomore at Catholic, told Red Alert Politics, “I am going to be a nurse in three years, and I want to be at a hospital that respects life and gives me the choice to respect my patients in the way of life.”

The march comes at the same time as new rules proposed at the Department of Health and Human Services to protect doctors, nurses, and medical students who are discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and moral convictions. These new rules would allow doctors to opt out of providing certain medical services, like abortions.

Heather Hineline, a student from Benedictine College, told Red Alert Politics, “We believe in defending every single human life all the way from conception to death.”

Hineline stressed the fact that the March for Life is about every human, life from the young to the old.

“This isn’t just about the abortion debate. This is something that affects every single life.”

She is part of the 200 students from the Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kan., who traveled to Washington., D.C., in order to attend.

Additionally, on Friday morning, Congress passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which is aimed at prohibiting health providers from killing babies who survive abortions. Several House Republicans including Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., attended the rally to show their support and announce the bill’s passage.

“This movement helps women find peace and acceptance.”

Ryan, acknowledging the large number of young adults at the rally, declared that the pro-life movement is on the rise, because truth, science, and love are on their side.

Rebekah Clark is a student at Lumerit Education where she is studying economics.