You know how global warming alarmists are constantly telling us to “go green”? And how going green will not only save the environment but also save all kinds of money on energy bills?

Well, apparently that’s about as accurate as Dick Morris’ 2012 election predictions.

Environmental Policy Alliance, an organization dedicated to exposing environmental hypocrisy, found that green-certified privately owned buildings in Washington actually used more energy than buildings that weren't.

By certified, I mean Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design -- or LEED -- certified. You know LEED, it's the coveted “look at me, I'm energy efficient” certification that buildings brag about. Well, Washington has the highest number of LEED-certified buildings, and that isn't doing a darn thing to make the city more energy efficient.

Policy Alliance compared the energy use intensity, a measurement to determine a building’s energy consumption relative to its size, of green buildings in Washington to non-green buildings. LEED-certified buildings had an EUI of 205 — which is high — while non-LEED-certified buildings had a lower EUI at 199.

“Ironically, USGBC's headquarters (which has achieved the highest level of LEED certification) is even worse at 236,” Policy Alliance said in a press release.


The research follows analysis from the Washington Examiner's Luke Rosiak, which found that LEED-certified buildings in New York were also less energy efficient than buildings that were not LEED-certified.