The 'Youth Misery Index' that combines unemployment, student loan debt and national debt to determine how bad off younger voters are has reached a record high, prompting a new conservative campaign to dump President Obama, or "B.O.," because his policies stink for kids.

American Majority Action told Secrets Monday that they are inaugurating a new effort--Students Against Barack Obama--with a web ad titled "Want Jobs? Fire Obama!" The grim ad features the line, "Say no to B.O. in 2012" and displays the economic plight younger Americans face.

The effort follows the historic surge in the Youth Misery Index. Under Obama, it has jumped 26 percent and now stands at 95.1. The index, developed by the conservative Young America's Foundation, adds together federal statistics on youth unemployment, now 16.8 percent, average student loan debt, which now stands at $28,600, and national debt per person, at $49,700, to determine the index. They provided Secrets with the new index Monday.

"President Obama has morphed Generation Y into Generation 'Why Us?'," said Ron Meyer, spokesman for American Majority Action and formerly with YAF. "Since he took office, 250,000 less youth jobs have vanished, tuition has spiked 25%, and the national debt has increased 50%. Stimulus and government student loan programs have failed young people, and in next year," Meyer told Secrets.

The goal of Students Against Barack Obama is to energize younger conservative voters who were turned off by Sen. John McCain's campaign in 2008 at the same time younger liberals were pouring into the polls for Obama.

"Young Americans can choose to be miserable victims, or we can band together to fire Obama and push for real change. If Romney won't inform our peers about what Obama has done to our generation, we will," said Meyer.

The founder of AMA's new Student's Against Barack Obama, Celia Bigelow, said the new campaign will have some fun with its anti-Obama effort. "It's cheeky, yet fitting, to call this organization 'Student Against BO', because President Obama's policies have stunk for young Americans," she said.