A group of 134 YouTube personalities wrote an open letter to Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai and members of Congress to express their concerns over the rollback of "net neutrality" regulations.

"As creators in this fast-moving industry, changes to the existing Net Neutrality rules would have an outsize impact on our field and jeopardize our livelihood," the Internet Creators Guild said in the letter.

The letter was signed by 134 "online creators" and asserts that net neutrality is crucial to maintaining a fair online space for equal opportunities.

"Our audiences and the American public, regardless of political orientation, favor strong net neutrality protections," the letter reads. "We will use the open Internet to organize to stop the FCC from rolling back net neutrality rules."

Pai announced plans to dismantle the Obama-era net neutrality regulations earlier this year and the FCC voted to move forward with the proposed rulemaking notice in May that kicked off a public comment period that will continue into August.

Net neutrality was put in place in an effort to prohibit Internet service providers from speeding up, slowing down or interfering with service. Critics, like Pai, say that it strangles innovation.