President Obama was interviewed by CEO Spencer Rascoff on Wednesday about the housing market, using the online real estate website to help promote his economic agenda.


Obama has a cozy relationship with Lloyd Frink, the co-founder of Zillow, who supported Obama as early as 2007 when he joined a “Tech Leaders for Obama” coalition in November 2007.

Frink also co-hosted a fundraising reception for Obama in Seattle on June 7, 2007.

In 2004, Frink — employed by Expedia at the time — donated $1000 to support Obama’s Senate campaign and in 2012, Frink donated $500 to the Obama Victory Fund.

As the interview neared the end, Obama praised his CEO interviewer and his company for the services that they provide to Americans.

"I think you guys have done a great job in helping to make consumers more empowered when they are buying a home, selling a home.  And it's a wonderful service," he said, referring to's real estate search service.