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32 ways the Internet reacted to the government shutdown

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Now that it's over, here are some of the top ways the internet reacted to the government shutdown.

1. Government shutdown? Are you sure?



2. Things got bad real quick


3. But this kid was sad


4. So was this guy


5. But not this commuting sloth bear


6. Mount Rushmore was closed


7. Furloughed presidents


8. No peeking


9. Nothing to see here!


10. But at least the Canadian side was open


11. Things got out of control at the National Mall


12. A celebrity is born


13. Keep on mowing, brother 


14. Ron Swanson was happy

 Even by day 7.


15. Quite pleased, in fact

Another Swanson meme.


16. Forget Ron Swanson. What would Vanilla Ice do?


17. But on day 15, things got out of control


18. The queen of England had an idea


19. Obi-Wan knows what we're dealing with


20. So does the Scarecrow


21. The Grand Canyon was closed 



22. They barricaded the memorials!


23. But the World War II veterans didn't care


24. Breaching the barricades


25. The Simpsons react


26. They closed the moon? Thanks, Obama!


27. Behold. The truckers will rise!


28. Watch out, Congress!


29. Nicholas Cage sees an opportunity


30. Government shutdown, 'Lord of the Rings' style


31. Thanks, Congress!


32. Welcome back, everybody!