More than three-quarters of immigrants granted “temporary protected status” will face removal under President Trump’s decisions targeting Haitians and El Salvadorans.

According to the latest figures, there are 321,095 with TPS, 245,000 of them from El Salvador and Haiti.

National Immigration Forum chart.

As a result of the decision to remove the special status to El Salvadorans today, 76 percent of the full TPS population will face removal or be required to find a legal path to staying in the U.S.

The status of the rest, from countries including Syria, Yemen and Honduras, will be considered next.

National Immigration Forum chart .

According to a fact sheet from the National Immigration Forum, most of the El Salvadorans with TPS are in big urban areas:

“TPS holders reside all over the U.S. Most TPS holders from El Salvador live in the Washington, DC (32,359), Los Angeles (30,415) and New York (23,168) metropolitan areas. Honduran TPS holders live mostly in the New York (8,818), Miami (7,467) and Houston (6,060) metropolitan areas. Haitian TPS holders live mainly in the Miami (16,287), New York (9,402) and Boston (4,302) metropolitan areas,” said the group."

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