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About the Washington Examiner

The Washington Examiner brings the best in breaking news and analysis on politics. With in-depth news coverage, diligent investigative reporting and thoughtful commentary, we'll make sure you're always in the know about Washington's latest exploits.

The Washington Examiner is published by MediaDC, a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group.

Editorial Hugo Gurdon

Editorial Director

Hugo Gurdon is the editorial director of the Washington Examiner. He is the former editor-in-chief of The Hill and previously served as an editor and reporter at the Daily Telegraph of London and the National Post of Canada. His writing has also appeared in such publications as the Wall Street Journal (Europe), Financial Times and The Guardian.

Corporate Stephen R. Sparks

President & Chief Operating Officer, MediaDC

With Clarity Media Group since its inception in 2004, Steve Sparks is a newspaper industry veteran, having started with Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc. as director of auditing in 1979. Prior to that, he was a CPA in the Miami office of Deloitte, Haskins and Sells. His career has included work in the financial, distribution, news, advertising and digital disciplines, and has included assignments at the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Philadelphia Inquirer, Seattle Times, Denver Post and San Francisco Examiner.

Advertising Mark Walters

Chief Revenue Officer, MediaDC

An advertising professional with more than 20 years of experience in cross-media advertising, sales management, business development and marketing, Mark Walters is senior vice president of marketing services and advertising at MediaDC. He has senior management experience at Belo, Newsweek, Dun & Bradstreet, and Politico, and is highly skilled at developing and implementing brand and marketing strategies that drive outstanding client results. In Washington, he has focused on helping global marketing partners inform and influence decisions at the legislative and executive branches of government.