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After motorcade crash, Justin Trudeau takes a hike with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

021018 Leonard Trudeau LA pic
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, left and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take a hike in the Hollywood hills after a news conference at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Canadian Prime Minister ​Justin Trudeau ​took an early morning hike with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Saturday, one day after a crash sent an officer accompanying his motorcade to the hospital.

The accident occurred shortly after Trudeau spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The officer was from the California Highway Patrol and had been on a motorcycle. The cause of the crash isn't known.

For the hike Garcetti met Trudeau at Griffith Observatory. They spoke briefly with reporters, during which Trudeau said the officer was doing well. He is being treated for moderate injuries, including a broken collarbone.

"I've been following up with my office to ensure that everyone is OK," Trudeau said. "I am privileged to be surrounded by folks who put themselves at risk to keep us all safe."

During another part of the interview, the topic turned to immigration, which Trudeau called a "source of strength." ​

"Canadians know that having a strong [immigration] process — where we ensure security, ensure that people coming are going to be able to be successful — is integral to keeping a strong system," Trudeau ​told the Los Angeles Times​. "So that's continuing to be my message on immigration, that we are are an open and welcoming country, because it's our strength. But we ensure that welcoming happens through a process that leads to people succeeding."

​He also said he speaks "regularly" and "constructively" with President Trump.

"There are things we don't agree on, but there's a lot we do agree on as well, and looking for common ground and trying to build shared prosperity here in North America is something we agree very much on," he said.

​Trudeau's Los Angeles visit follows one in Chicago earlier in the week, where he met with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and the city's Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.