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Alan Dershowitz slams liberals for claiming Trump is mentally ill

010818 Dershwitz slams liberals-pic
Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Alan Dershowitz said that tactic from the left is "very dangerous." (Image courtesy screenshot)

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz blasted liberals over the weekend for trying to "undo democracy" by claiming President Trump should be removed because he's mentally unstable.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Dershowitz said that tactic from the left is "very dangerous."

"There's only one thing worse than trying to criminalize political differences, and that's trying to psychiatrize them," he said.

"These psychiatrists now who are trying to diagnose without ever having met the man, that's what they did in Russia. I represented dissidents who they locked up in mental hospitals," he added. "That's what they did in China. That's what they did in apartheid South Africa.

"How dare liberals, people on the left, try to undo democracy by accusing a president of being mentally ill without any basis?" he said.

Democrats and their allies in the press have openly wondered whether Trump could and should be removed from office through the 25th Amendment. That Amendment says a majority of the Cabinet can decide to remove the president once he or she is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office."

That language was designed for use when a president is incapacitated, although Democrats have said it should be used against Trump.

Last year, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, said it should be used because Trump is "incompetent," but legal experts say using it to end political disputes is a controversial idea.