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Alexandria advances a do-over on waterfront redevelopment

The Alexandria Planning Commission voted unanimously to send its waterfront redevelopment plan back to the City Council for a second vote. (Photo: Examiner file)

The Alexandria Planning Commission this week endorsed the city's attempt at a do-over of its waterfront redevelopment vote.

Commissioners voted unanimously to send the plan back to the City Council for a second vote, intended to appease naysayers whose lawsuits stalled the project since its inception.

Since city officials approved the original waterfront redevelopment plan in January, opponents insisted that approval required a supermajority, or six, board members to support it. The city disagreed and the fight ultimately led a lawsuit.

But Alexandria officials want to resolve the standstill more quickly and announced last month their intentions to vote a second time on the proposal in an attempt to meet the supermajority requirement.

Now that the Planning Commission has given the plan the OK, it is expected to go before the City Council for a vote on March 16.