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Amazon reviewers ravage Hillary Clinton's book: 'Painfully stupid'

091317 Amazon bad Clinton reviews pic
"Sore loser, needs to move on," wrote another. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Amazon's top customer reviews are calling Hillary Clinton's new book "complete garbage" and an "overrated piece of fiction."

Clinton released her book, "What Happened," on Tuesday, and while 96 percent of Amazon's reviews gave the book five stars, the most popular reviews on the site gave it one or two stars, and said the book was no good.

"Just not a good book," said one of the top reviews. "Hastily slapped together."

"Sore loser, needs to move on," wrote another.

"Hillary ran a bad campaign, failed to connect with the American people, was in bed with the DNC in suppressing the Democratic supporters of Sanders and was a terrible candidate," that review said. "THAT is what happened."

"Complete garbage!" said another one-star review. "All she does is wine [sic] and complain as she blames and disparages everybody else around her."

"She really makes you feel like you want to die ..." wrote another. "It's littered with baseless claims and accusations ... a painfully stupid monologue not unlike that which you would see on an episode of The Bachelor."

Some report said Wednesday night that Amazon was deleting or downplaying some of the one-star reviews of the book. That prompted one reviewer to give the book two stars.

"I would've given this one star but didn't want my review deleted," it said.