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Anthony Scaramucci says he can overtake 'Team Charlottesville' as top story of 2017

122717 Nelson Mooch pic
Anthony Scaramucci's light-hearted tone upset some readers. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci expressed confidence Wednesday that he could beat “Team Charlottesville” to be National Public Radio’s political story of the year.

Scaramucci, fired after 10 days on the job, wrote that the August white supremacist rally ending in a counter-demonstrator's death "can torch you (w/ Citronella candles)" but that he "is battle-tested, prevents leak outs and has great guard play."

The two news stories are facing off in the second round of NPR's sports-style bracket to decide the top political story of the year. Winners are chosen in Twitter polls.

Scaramucci won a first round against the October murder of eight people in New York City with a rented truck, taking about 73 percent of more than 2,400 votes on the social platform.

“Team Charlottesville is a tough 2nd round matchup,” he wrote.“Very offensive squad, can torch you (w/ Citronella candles). But Team Mooch is battle-tested, prevents leak outs and has great guard play - a recipe for success in the tournament.”

Scaramucci’s light-hearted tone upset some readers.

“Charlottesville+torches. You're extra douchee today,” one person wrote in response to his tweet.

“This is so gross,” another person wrote.

“It rules that you have embraced yourself as a meme that represents complete public failure on a massive scale. Way to go buddy,” added yet another.

Before joining the Trump administration Scaramucci was a successful businessman. He listed assets worth as much as $85 million on a government disclosure form. Since being fired after giving a profane interview, Scaramucci has toyed with becoming a member of the media himself with an entity called the Scaramucci Post, though details about the new venture remain fuzzy.