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April 28, 2013: Don't whine if cameras catch you speeding


Don't whine if the cameras catch you speeding

Re: "Traffic cameras are a license to steal," From Readers, April 25

I share Robert Ness' disdain for speed cameras, which have nothing to do with improving traffic safety and everything to do with generating revenue.

Though I am a little baffled by his attempted defense.He claims to be a law-abiding citizen, but he got a ticket for speeding.Unless he is arguing that the ticket is inaccurate and he was not in fact speeding, thenhe is a law-breaking citizen.Nor do I understand the relevance of naming his employer, and even less what his daughter is currently doing.

Ness closes by saying that unlike a speed camera, an actual police officer would have used common sense, inferring that no ticket would have been written.I'd like to know why he comes to that conclusion, because I have been ticketed for exceeding the speed limit by as little as 10 miles per hour.

I'm not defending the speed cameras, but you got caught, Mr. Ness. Quit whining, pay your fine, and move on.

Jason Ramage


Don't refer to Boston suspect as 'enemy combatant'

Re: "With Holder in charge, Tsarnaev may get off," April 24

Gregory Kane is rushing to judge. Although the acts allegedly committed by the Tsarnaev brothers were heinous, to label him an "enemy combatant" would be strictly based upon his religious beliefs. I do not remember hearing anyone call Timothy McVeigh an "enemy combatant."

The White House is handling the situation properly, as it should be.

William Edwards


Reader distorts facts in Gosnell case

Re: "Columnist distorts facts in Gosnell case," From Readers, April 22

Edd Doerr wrote another letter full of pro-abortion propaganda. Contrary to his assertions, here are a few facts:

The vast majority of abortions are done on healthy women and babies as a matter of choice, not medical necessity.

There are more than 20,000 late-term abortions done in the U.S. annually. One Germantown abortionist performs more than 700 late-term abortions a year. Most are on healthy mothers and babies, as were most of the 90 who were saved from the killing.

More women die from abortions than from childbirth. When post-abortion medical and psychological complications are considered, there are overwhelmingly more deaths from abortion than from childbirth.

Government has a duty to protect human life outside and inside the womb. Unfortunately, it is complicit in the killing of the preborn by permitting many abortuaries, such as Gosnell's house of horrors, to present unnecessary risks to women's health.

Francois L. Quinson


Printed Examiner will be missed

As a loyal reader, I am so sorry that you are planning to discontinue the printed version of The Washington Examiner. I'd even prefer that you charged for the paper.

I don't like reading a newspaper on the computer. I like to hold it and read it with my morning coffee.

Please reconsider.

Judith Morris