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Benjamin Netanyahu: Trump made 'very brave decision' to disavow Iran nuclear deal

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"What the president has done has created new space to prevent a very bad deal from materializing, and to fix it." (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday credited President Trump with making a "very brave decision" by decertifying the Iran nuclear deal.

"Right now the deal as it stands guarantees that Iran will have not a single nuclear bomb, but an entire nuclear arsenal within ten years," Netanyahu said on CBS' "Face the Nation" with John Dickerson.

"The president was very courageous in saying, I'm not going to kick this can down the road, I'm not going to say, ‘well it's going to be on somebody else's watch. I'm going to stop this from happening.' It's a very brave decision. It's the right decision for the world."

Netanyahu is a long-time critic of the nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration, European allies, China and Russia, which limits Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Trump on Friday threatened to leave the nuclear deal if Congress doesn't amend some of its provisions to permanently block Iran from building nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Some of the deal's provisions expire in 10 or 15 years.

The leaders of Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement after Trump announced the decision, saying the U.S. should keep following the agreement as written, noting Iran is in techinical compliance of its terms, despite Tehran continuing its hostile behavior in other non-nuclear areas.

Netanyahu on Sunday urged the Europeans to work with the Trump administration and Congress to renegotiate the deal.

"If they want to save the deal, then the European allies should start working with the United States to actually correct its deficiencies," Netanyahu said. "It's an opportunity that President Trump has created for them to fix this very bad deal, which is dangerous for them no less than it is for others."

The Israeli prime minister said his country has a keen interest in the deal, despite not being a party to it. He said Israel and Sunni-led Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agree with Trump that the agreement with Iran needs re-working.

"When Israel and key Arab states agree on something, you should pay attention," Netanyahu said. "We're close with our ears to the ground. We live right here next to Iran. We see what it's doing. What the president has done has created new space to prevent a very bad deal from materializing, and to fix it. Everybody should join forces in doing just that."