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Both parties fail voters on climate science

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When Sen. Marco Rubio went on ABC's “This Week” on May 11 and said, among other things, “I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it,” he caused quite a stir.

The uproar was over both the firmness of his stance against climate change (manmade global warming) and for his otherwise glaring inability to provide any evidence to support his beliefs.

Rubio's ephemeral opinion on the climate, however, has been repeated by most Republican candidates for gubernatorial and congressional seats up for grabs in November. The GOP strategy is clear -- ignore the science debate and focus instead on the dollar costs to the economy and jobs from President Obama's climate policies.

Obama and the Democrats, on the other hand, continue unopposed in their pursuit of the “settled” science of climate change via new Environmental Protection Agency emission goals for 2030 and otherwise take the moral and environmental high ground of "saving the planet" from mankind's industrial CO2 emissions. They do this even though their climate science is as unreliable as a freed Guantanamo terrorist.

The end result is that the people are being misled and confused by the bad climate science coming from the Democrats and the lack of science they get from the GOP. This leaves many voters with a headache trying to decide which party is right and for whom to vote this November. The real story about the climate, described herein, will surely give them a migraine!

I believe the GOP approach is doomed to failure and will end up supporting the Democrat contention that Republicans are in fact the "deniers" they have been made out to be.

Even worse, in the minds of the all-important independent voters, it makes Republican candidates for November look purely partisan, disingenuous, uninformed and lacking in the tough leadership traits the voters are seeking. Once labeled as such, regardless of what the issue is, any candidate for office faces a formidable barrier in getting elected.

The Democrats, especially those facing close elections in November, may to be on the verge of making climate change an issue and then winning on that subject. However, the big climate change player in this year's elections looks to be billionaire Tom Steyer.

He has said he is willing to put in the first $50 million into a $100 million climate change (i.e. Democrat) war chest in the form of nextgenclimate.org to swing critical elections this year.

Is Steyer’s pot of gold enough to swing tight races toward the Democrats? Possibly, especially if the GOP continues to “play dumb” on climate science.

Perhaps some truth on the subject may be the medicine the voters really need to clear their climate headache. The truth is that the GOP, the president and the Democrats are all wrong on the matter of climate change.

The brashness of this statement is backed up by some shocking climate facts. For example, regardless of recent U.S. and United Nations climate reports and embarrassingly unsupportable statements by Obama to the contrary, there is no global warming.

It ended 17 years ago by one measurement! Further, the planet's oceans have been cooling since 2003 and the atmosphere for most of that time.

The latest global surface and satellite temperature measurements can be found in the independent Global Climate Status Report produced at the Space and Science Research Corporation, in Orlando, Fla.

The June 10 GCSR states that 16 of 24 climate parameters show global cooling is underway and that the Earth has entered a potentially dangerous new cold climate era!

These "cold" facts are tragically ignored by the GOP, while they are intentionally covered up by Obama and Democrats.

Neither major party is telling voters the truth about the climate! Sadly, in the current political environment, Obama and the Democrats push a myth, while the Republicans push the dollar.

From a science perspective, neither push the truth! Aspirin, anyone?

John L. Casey is president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, editor of the Global Climate Status Report and author of the climate book "Cold Sun."