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Bridge to Somewhere

Name Game

We all remember Sen. Ted Stevens’, R-Alaska, famous “Bridge to Nowhere.” Could we now see a bridge named after the Alaskan senator here in Washington?

There’s only one week remaining in the contest to name the footbridge that spans Maine Avenue SW. The contest is co-sponsored by The Washington Examiner and the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The footbridge connects the Portals and the Tidal Basin and is located at the foot of the hotel.

The entries submitted so far run the gamut from the inspirational to the bizarre, including one nomination to name the bridge after Stevens. Others wanted it named after Rosa Parks, Gerald Ford and Sen. Margaret Chase Smith. Among the more lighthearted suggestions: the Kiss and Walk Bridge, the Foot-Seas Bridge, the M&M Bridge (for Mandarin and Maine), the MaineStay Bridge and Whimsical Way. Some even suggested that the bridge already has a name, such as the 14th Street Bridge, the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge or the Key Bridge. They’re all wrong, so at least we know which entries won’t win the contest.

Examiner file photo