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Bruce Braley has difficulty spelling terms used regularly in the state he wishes to represent in the Senate

Deleted tweet from Congressman Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley, a Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa, has trouble spelling basic agricultural terms.

Braley put out a press release Wednesday referencing "detassling" and "bailing" hay, per the Des Moines Register. In the context of farming, those words are correctly spelled "detasseling" and "baling," respectively.

Braley's press release was in response to news that the candidate told Texas trial lawyers that Democrats losing the Senate majority means the Senate Judiciary Committee will be chaired by a "farmer from Iowa who never went to law school."

Unfortunately, Braley's campaign website also features a page replicating these errors. They're found on a page boasting of 250 "Farmers for Braley."

Incidentally, Braley has previously questioned the ability of people to spell correctly on the Internet. Although deleted, Braley's tweet will endure forever thanks to the kind folks at the Sunlight Foundation.