Former 2016 Republican presidential candidate and Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina opened up Sunday about her experiences with sexual misconduct, saying "of course" she had been harassed over the course of her career.

"Of course I was," Fiorina told "Fox News Sunday." "Every woman I know was."

Fiorina said she didn't mean she had been raped or assaulted, but she had once been groped by a family friend.

"Was I propositioned? Of course," she continued. "Was I introduced as a bimbo? Of course. Did I have, on occasion, men banging on my hotel room door and then lying about it the next morning? Of course. This is common occurrence, unfortunately, and that is my point."

Fiorina worked her way up from a secretarial position within Hewlett-Packard to eventually become the Fortune 500 company's chief executive in 1999.

She recalled an incident in which one of her colleagues said he hoped she wouldn't be menstruating when she was scheduled to deliver an important presentation.

"All women are not victims," she said, adding that most men were not "bad." "But the perennial abuse of power by men over women has been with us for a long time and everyone knows it."

She urged men to stop respecting their peers who "disrespect women."

"Women have been coming forward for decades," she said. "It’s men’s turn now."