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Chamber of Commerce’s Donohue on Appeals Court NLRB ruling: 'We are pleased'

Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue issued the following statement in reaction to today’s DC Appeals Court ruling in Noel Canning v. NLRB that President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board last year were unconstitutional:

We are pleased with the D.C. Circuit’s ruling that the President’s recess appointments to the NLRB were unconstitutional.&nbsp;We warned last year that by appointing these members to the NLRB in such a controversial fashion, the President placed a cloud of uncertainty over the agency and its work. The D.C. Circuit’s historic decision has confirmed our concerns.&nbsp;The U.S. Chamber has been proud to stand with our member Noel Canning from the beginning, and they will continue to enjoy our full support and backing.

The AFL-CIO has not made a statement yet, but its spokesman, Josh Goldstein, tweeted: “Keep your powder dry, NLRB still open for business folks.”