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Chris Christie signs bill banning conversion therapy for gay youths

UPDATE: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill Monday banning gay conversion therapy on minors in the state.

The governor has said in the past he opposes controversial programs that seek to “fix” homosexuals through intensive therapy that the scientific community has shunned. In a signing note acquired by the Associated Press, Christie says that he believes homosexuality is not a sin and training to change a LGBT child creates more health concerns than the therapy seeks to remedy.

The bill he signed bars licensed therapists from trying to covert gay youths to a heterosexual lifestyle.

New Jersey's Democratic-led legislature has often forced Christie, a Republican, to weigh in on contentious social battles. Just last week, Christie signaled conditional approval of a measure that allows children to obtain ingestible medicinal marijuana. In other gay-rights issues, Christie vetoed a measure to allow same-sex marriage in the Garden State but has said he supports the civil unions that grant similar legal rights to homosexual couples.

According to the AP, LGBT activists were unsure how Christie would rule on the bill.