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Chuck Todd: Sebastian Gorka 'Nothing but a menace to the rest of his staff'

081017 chaitin todd gorka pic
White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said Rex Tillerson's discussion of military matters rather than diplomacy was "simply nonsensical." (AP)

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd openly questioned the credentials of Sebastian Gorka, a national security adviser to President Trump, and suggested that his White House colleagues likely view him as a "menace."

Closing a panel segment on his show on Thursday, Todd took a moment to discuss Gorka's recent comments about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"Quickly, I'm not going to play this specific sound yet because we're running out of time, but this Gorka guy, doctor, I don't know, there are some people have questioned his credentials, but he appeared to contradict Secretary of State Rex Tillerson," he said.

Gorka talked about Tillerson during an interview on BBC, while speaking about the North Korean threat and President Trump's promise of "fire and fury" if that country's aggressive behavior doesn't stop. Pointing to Tillerson's assertion that Americans can "sleep well" despite an escalation in rhetoric in the U.S.-North Korean issue, Gorka said that the idea of Tillerson's discussing military matters is "simply nonsensical" and that his place is in the realm of diplomacy.

Todd referred to Gorka as a scrapper for the Trump administration.

"I know the president loves how much he goes after other reporters, and he's sort of a pugilist, but is the guy a legitimate national security adviser to the president or just this pugilist that goes on TV every now and then?" Todd said.

Gorka himself has referred to himself as Trump's "pit bill" while explaining why he is so aggressive during his TV appearances on MSNBC and CNN, networks that Trump loves to hate.

"It just strikes me as he's nothing but a menace to the rest of his staff," Todd said.

Over the weekend Todd also snapped at Trump ally Newt Gingrich, over a "cynical tweet" that questioned whether special counsel Robert Mueller's reported grand jury in Washington, D.C., might be subject to bias.