Chuck Todd caused a bit of a stir on Twitter on Wednesday when he thanked fellow MSNBC colleague Kasie Hunt as she was handing off for him to begin his afternoon program.

Hunt, who was filling in for Nicolle Wallace hosting "Deadline: White House," said as the 4 p.m. Eastern program came to a close, "'Meet the Press' daily starts now. Hi, Chuck."

Todd's response has been subject to intense social media scrutiny.

Some heard him say: "Hey, Casey. Nice work, hon. Good stuff." That would be "hon" as in short for "honey."

Others claim he said "Nice work, Hunt."

Some people who thought he said "hon" picked up on what they viewed as a brief grimace Hunt made before Todd began discussing the latest on President Trump.

Hunt herself later put a stop to the debate, saying that Todd did, in fact, say "great job 'Hunt'," adding it was a "nice compliment."

"See you same time & place tomorrow, Todd," she tweeted.