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Clinton campaign chair: People don't want to hear about email scandal

072716 Podesta Email Scandal-pic
"She's said it was a mistake to have a private server. She's said it 50 times," John Podesta said. (Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg)

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman John Podesta said Wednesday that people don't want to hear about Clinton's email scandal in her acceptance speech on Thursday.

At an event, Podesta was asked by The Atlantic senior editor Ron Brownstein if Clinton would bring up the email scandal in her acceptance speech on Thursday. "No," Podesta said. "That's not what the American people want to hear about."

Earlier in the conversation, Podesta said Clinton would talk about the email issue on the campaign trail, as well as the public's lack of trust in her. "We're going to work to address it. Sometimes she'll talk about it directly. Other times just by reminding people where she's been for her entire career. ... She's said it was a mistake to have a private server. She's said it 50 times."

Brownstein challenged Podesta to answer how telling stories about people Clinton has helped would fix her issues with people who think she wasn't honest about her emails. "The way you know the true character of a politician is look at what they did before they were in politics," Podesta said.

Earlier in the event, Podesta said the solution to Clinton's trustworthiness issues began Tuesday night when her husband, former President Bill Clinton, spoke about her past works. "[He] talked in very loving terms about how long he's known her, what she's done, the through-line of her commitment to children and families. That begins to break down the stereotype that you get in the media. As he said, he wanted people to get to know the real Hillary. I think he did a magnificent job," Podesta said.

Jason Russell is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.