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Clinton says FBI hasn't contacted her for an interview

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Answering a question about whether there was any evidence her server had ever been hacked, Clinton said, "Not at all." (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The FBI has yet to contact Hillary Clinton or her staff for the interview phase of its investigation into her server, the former secretary of state said on Tuesday.

"No," Clinton told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell in response to a question on whether that had happened. Answering a subsequent question about whether there was any evidence her server had ever been hacked, Clinton said, "Not at all."

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The FBI has reportedly been preparing to interview Clinton and potentially more than a dozen of her associates since the end of March. Interviews could include past and present employees of both the State Department and the nonprofit Clinton Foundation.

An interview could be the most treacherous phase of the investigation for Clinton. Though she is not required to do so, Clinton has said she would be willing to speak with FBI officials if contacted. Legal experts consistently advise against speaking with law enforcement about ongoing investigations.

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"Whenever I've advised criminal defendants, in my experience as a defense attorney, you do not want your client to submit to an interview with the FBI," former Justice Department attorney Matthew Whitaker told the Washington Examiner in April. "In this situation, I think politically Hillary Clinton and others have to submit to the interview, but I don't think their defense attorney is very excited about it."

FBI Director James Comey said in April that the investigation could extend at least beyond the Democratic National Convention in July, and said his priority was to conduct the investigation "well and promptly," but that "well" is more of a priority.