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Clinton to take credit for elevating Flint water crisis in DNC video

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will take credit for bringing the lead water crisis in Flint, Mich., to the national stage in a video slated to play at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night.

The video, titled "Voice of Flint," will highlight Clinton's use of a presidential primary debate in January to speak about the lead water crisis in the eastern Michigan city of 100,000. The video credits those remarks and Clinton's subsequent trips to Flint for sparking national outrage about the situation.

Clinton slammed Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in a January debate for the lead water crisis. As the video points out, the crisis had been ongoing for nearly two years, and Democrats argue that without Clinton's comments it might have stayed out of the national spotlight.

Instead, Clinton visited Flint on multiple occasions and released ads focused around how much she cares for the city. Clinton demanded Democrats hold a presidential debate in Flint, which took place in March. She and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spent more than 25 minutes talking about the crisis at the beginning of the debate. Multiple congressional hearings were also held in the spring about the water crisis, which included Snyder testifying before a House committee.

The video shows Clinton meeting with Flint residents and hearing their stories about what they endured during the crisis. Among them is a mother who says she had a miscarriage that she believes was due to drinking lead-contaminated water.

Clinton was accused by Republicans of using the crisis to help her chances in the Michigan primary, which she lost to Sanders in March.

While the crisis has faded out of the national spotlight in recent months, it continues. Flint residents must use a filter to drink their tap water. The city is under a federal state of emergency until August.

The crisis was caused by a state-mandated switch in water sources to the corrosive Flint River, which then ate away at the old lead pipes in the city.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, who endorsed Clinton following her initial statements on the crisis, is scheduled to speak Wednesday evening at the convention.